Hanspeter Kienberger: We are all disappointed that it was not enough. But now we look already forward to the draw for the Europa League. You must also see the Dimension: There are almost 1000 professional clubs in Europe. We had the Chance to be among the best 32 venture. These are just three percent. In our business model, the Champions League may not be anchored in such a way that we have to reach them necessarily. You would have been the icing on the cake.

no. In our offensive Budget, we have the Europa League group stage in.

Around ten million Swiss francs. With premiums, with Ticketing. We use the relatively careful. And we align our cost afterwards. Therefore, our business model also works with the Europa instead of the Champions League.

no. And that makes me as an accountant very happy.

This is not something we keep a close eye.

That may be true, if you look at it in the short term, and fiscal year 2019 regarded.

These Figures are of course interrelated closely with the athletic success. Therefore, this must be our primary goal: to keep Our level and continue to show attractive football.

The access to the European business is becoming more and more difficult, because Switzerland has slipped in the Ranking as far to the rear. As you wonder what the League can do what can make the club overall, so we can get this Ranking back to the top.

The club would have to set the focus on these games. You need to be aware of is that every single point counts.

Yes, you should pull the future into consideration and discuss it. On the other hand, our Team is aligned in such a way that it can deal with English weeks.

I don’t know the business model of red star in Detail.