In the center of St. Petersburg, four armed men, took away food from the courier

In St. Petersburg, police opened the attack on the courier. Attackers with a gun took his order and disappeared.

Photo: Sergei Nikolayev/WG In St. Petersburg man arrested for selling certificates for trips around town

according to GU MVD in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the attackers themselves did order food delivery and when the courier brought it just took the package and the food and not paid. The courier went to the police.

the Men were detained near the house number 9 along the street of the Pottery, they were the Kia Rio. One of the men was carrying a traumatic gun with cartridges. The attackers from 37 to 30 years, they never work.

Now they started administrative proceedings for petty hooliganism, but the police do not exclude that the attackers can attract criminal liability.