Muscovites often looking for a job in retail and wholesale trade, as well as in the field of administration, told the employment center "My work". Employers, in turn, are interested in it specialists, builders, employees of trade, informs a portal of the mayor and government capital.

The top 5 most popular jobs among the job seekers centre, which includes sales at the Mall, sale Manager, administrator at beauty salon, fitness club, restaurant, hotel, office Manager and technologist. The five proposals of employers included sales in major retail chains, sales consultant online sales, logistics Manager, engineer and programmer.

The employment center staff accept applications in 50 offices "My documents". Applicants will help you choose a vacancy from the database and create a resume or give direction to free training and professional training.

As of the end of July was 196 thousand unemployed Muscovites, more than 60 percent of them interested in early employment. Deputy mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova said that with the end of the period of time limits the number of applications for unemployment benefits declined by nearly 90 percent. Early last month, the Bank of vacancies of the center was replenished with five thousand sentences.

Deputy mayor for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov said that in the period of the pandemic in the capital managed to avoid mass layoffs and wage cuts. He added that the base salary has decreased insignificantly, noted a 15 percent reduction in personal income tax. Efimov said that entrepreneurs in the period of the pandemic, adequately respond to new conditions and did not carry out mass layoffs.

According to the Deputy mayor, the unemployment rate in Moscow is about 2.6%. The number of employed in the economy of the city – about 7.3 million people, he concluded.