In June of this year in the cave may day, the entrance to which is located in the Navalyshynsky canyon on the river’s Eastern (Great) Host, scientists have discovered a specimen of the rare mollusk, cave slime, troglodytes Sokolov. About it reports a press-service of the Sochi national Park.

Previously it was thought that this inhabitant is found on the only planet of the Vorontsov cave in Sochi, and on the area not exceeding 200 square meters.

it was Initially found only five instances, but after half a century after the description of the species made some more discoveries. They are included in the Red book of Krasnodar region.

the Clam was so adapted to life in the darkness of caves that almost lost an eye and completely lost pigmentation of the body. Predatory lifestyle allows cave slugs eat worms.

Slug found on the floor in the main hall of the cave at a distance of only 50 meters from the entrance. By the way, may day – this is a horizontal cavity length of 150 meters.

More than forty years they searched for other caves of the Western Caucasus, but, in addition to Vorontsov, he was never found.