the Dutch Prosecutor’s office suddenly acquired evidence, which allegedly can point to the guilt of Russia in the case of the downed Malaysian Boeing MH-17. In the hands of the prosecution – a kind of tape recording of telephone conversations. It supposedly discusses the launch of Russian complex “Buk” militias.

At the Hague regional court continues hearings on the case about the crash Boeing MH-17 of Malaysian airlines in 2014. Today it became known that charges were brought against the alleged audio recording of the negotiations. As claimed by the Dutch Prosecutor’s office on the tape, clearly reflects the motive: the rebels wanted to shoot down Ukrainian aircraft. So, according to the Dutch, the suspects Leonid Kharchenko and Sergey Dubinsky discussed the defeat of the rocket of the Ukrainian military side. And in the call to the third defendant in the case – Oleg Pulatova – reported the alleged short phrase: “Buk” shot down “Drying” (military aircraft “su” KB of a name Dry – “MK”).

However, the protection of suspects immediately questioned the authenticity of the recording. Lawyers indicate the possible bonding at the manner of speech – in such negotiations, the phrase sounds too exactly, it is accented, as if someone had dictated. Another version of the film was mounted. However, this remains to be proven. And while this record at the insistence of the Netherlands will be added to the case about the crash of the Malaysian Boeing MH-17 in the sky over the Donbas. This means that Russia will again try to blame the terrible aviatrade 2014.

However, from a legal point of view, the audio recording can not be regarded as absolute and irrefutable evidence. There is speculation that the emergence of such record should cause more of a response than really be a new fact in the case.

This is confirmed by military expert who participated in the investigation of aviakerosene, Alex Levkov. He is sure the prosecution will do everything to media Russia again looked somehow to blame for the tragedy.

Earlier, a Dutch lawyer of the defendant Oleg Pulatova Sabine ten Doeschate Legally declared that Russia can enter into the composition of the investigative group on the case of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing MH-17. According to the defense, law contraindications to such a course in the judicial process.

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