Nick Rüegg stands in front of his most important Competition of the U20 European Championships for athletes in July in Sweden. The Limit for the former UBS-Kids-Cup-participants already in the may messenger. How is that, if 17 is all about the Sport?

I’m still in three competitions, most of the time I train intensively with my coach Werner Dietrich, go to the Physio and relax with a book. Luckily, my friend Maartje is also athlete. She has the understanding that I have at the Moment, little time for you.

The semi-final of the 110 meters hurdles in there. But I don’t want to make too much pressure, but enjoy it and stay relaxed.

At the European youth games two years ago, I just missed the podium. Clear, Fourth is okay. But for me personally wars a failure, because I was quickly on the move and struck at the last hurdle. This has annoyed me extremely. But the defeat also made me stronger. A year later, I’m at the U18 European Championships in Hungary, Bronze brought – yay!

I have an early fight in fun competitions such as the UBS Kids Cup participated. From eleven, I was in the athletics club and I have Sprint, long jump, long throw made. Then I discovered the hurdles. To learn the at the beginning was really hard, I’ve got a lot of bruises. I’ll pick me today and to.

For me, everything revolves shut to the Sport. I’m doing the Sport-KV at the Talent Campus in Kreuzlingen and train when others have free time. That’s a sacrifice I am happy to. In the output I don’t go often, that says so much to me. I’ve never drunk alcohol, prefer to take a water.

It is a great honor for me that I was selected. I was also allowed to train with my role model Jason Joseph, that was extremely cool.

Super. The level is constantly increasing, the competition among them is much greater, which is very positive. We push each other.

to participate Once in the Olympic Games.

Nick Rüegg (17) is one of seven athletes in the UBS Kids Cup, Generation: ex-UBS-Kids-Cup-participants in the leap to the top in the world. The competition series of the UBS Kids Cup is the most successful Junior-project of the Swiss sport. Over 155 000 children and adolescents from 7 to 15 years have measured in the past year, in 60-m Sprint, long jump and ball throw. Also this summer, the young athletes again. Of local precipitates on the cantonal finals to go to the Swiss Final on the 31. August at the Letzigrund in Zurich.

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