In the case of harassment Biden has a new piece of evidence

In the case of sexual harassment the most likely candidate from the US Democratic party in the upcoming elections, former us Vice-President Joe Biden, in which politics has accused his former assistant of Tara Reid, has a new piece of evidence. It is reported by Politico.

As notes the edition, at the end of April, the network had published the text of the edition of the show Larry king, aired in August 1993. The footage captures the moment when the Studio is calling the woman from the city of San Luis Obispo, California. She says that her daughter worked at “the famous Senator” and was forced to resign after he faced “insurmountable challenges” in the service. Companion of the king said that he had offered his daughter to tell that story in the media, but she refused to do it “out of respect” to this policy.

The woman’s name and Senator in the air does not sound itself, however, Reid confirmed to Politico that the caller’s voice belongs to her mother. In addition, according to the publication, The Intercept, we know that at the time the mother is the former assistant Biden Altimus Jeanette (Jeanette Altimus) lived in San Luis Obispo.

Before this video in the network, Reid told reporters that her mother calls the king during the broadcast and complained of harassment in the address of the daughter of one of the senators. However, the former aide to Biden couldn’t remember when it came out this issue, so until recently, the evidence of her words was not.

At the moment, in the headquarters of the former Vice President did not comment on the published video.

Earlier in April, a former employee of the Senate of the United States of Tara Reid said that almost 30 years ago were subjected to harassment on the part of Biden, who at that time held the position of Senator from the state of Delaware. According to her, in 1993, the politician in one of the corridors of the Capitol without permission, kissed her, touched her, and insisted on intimate relationships. However, no measures against Biden then was taken, although the woman told about the incident to his three senior assistants and the Department of the Senate to work with staff.