The SBB had no idea: One of your armed police officers promoted violence against foreigners and worshipped Adolf Hitler. After Sunday view confronted with this Research, the responsible investigations.

The SBB affirm that your police officers would be subjected to a security check. This raises the question: What exactly is actually under the magnifying glass? The Facebook profile. Otherwise, it is not to explain that the man was able to rush over the years for all to view – without any consequences. Every aspiring apprentice white today: Before you apply for a job, delete sensitive photos from social media because the future boss reads.

In the case of police officers, special sensitivity

The security agencies need to be more than all of the other employers ensure that they hire trustworthy people. In particular, for the danger of the extreme Right in their own ranks, you should be aware.

police candidates reflect in its composition a cross-section of the population. If there is a part of extreme right-wing views, shares, about among them the same way. However, the profession as armed guards for people with authoritarian views are more attractive than that of the nurse or a florist.

Add to this: police officers are regularly confronted with the marginal groups of society with the socially Weak, which, not infrequently, migrants are. Such experiences are not processed, they can strengthen in resentment lead and right tendencies.

Not least, the security forces feel themselves to be on the right side of the political spectrum, most tend to be adopted. From left, they are traditionally considered with a certain hostility.

trust in security authorities, suffers

Therefore, it must be for the SBB, of course, that you look at exactly how your officers to tick at the Front politically. A look at the Facebook profile, which had been neglected in the case of the Hitler-Fans, apparently.

In the case of militant foreign enemies, there can only be a guideline: zero tolerance. And the supervisor should ensure that the officials can come to terms with their operations internally. Because hardly anyone is detrimental to the cohesion of society as much as police officers do not treat all equal, but prejudices to govern – as a result of the skin color. The destroyed trust. Trust in the safety authorities is a Central pillar of our law.

And in the worst case? In the worst case, armed police officers with extreme right-wing fantasies of Violence are a danger to public safety.