at noon on the festival website, a solemn opening of the festival Moscow Flower Show in 2020. For the first time it takes place in an online format, but in compliance with all regulations. Last will, as always, 10 days. Details has found out the correspondent “RG”.

As the head of the Department of natural resources and environmental protection of Moscow Anton Kulbachevsky, the first time the festival this year takes place on the Internet, moreover, a decision on this format was adopted just a month ago. This month not only managed to create an online platform to display the projects participants, but also to postpone the competitions, master classes, discussions, and more.

“the Festival takes place since 2012, among the places of its carrying out for several years has been to Muzeon Park of arts. This year we planned to try a new venue – to move the festival to the territory of the exhibition, however, the pandemic has brought about changes, says Anton Kulbachevsky. – See how the party goes. I can say that while it gathered a lot of participants, I hope that the audience will be a lot. In past years we have usually visited 80 thousand people. But, as practice shows, often on the Internet projects attract more people than in reality, coverage is more. I hope that in 2021 or 2022 we will be able to create a mix of virtual audience and the actual implementation of the projects of the contestants. After all, nothing can compare with a living communion with nature, to see how flowers and plants coexist in the same territory”.

According to the President of the Moscow festival of gardens and flowers Karina Lazareva, for the month for the contest’s professional jury was sent more than 150 works, but the final selection of a total of 40.

“Participants could be more, as after completion of receiving applications were sent in some very interesting works, but unfortunately, they are in a competition of this year has not got, – tells Lazareva. In the end we got a contest 4 people in the place – such a result was not even at the festival in person. For the first time, we were joined by participants from Pakistan, China, and India, were the constant landscape architects and designers from France, Italy, USA, there were a lot of Russians (in particular, the unusual project was sent to Rostov guys). All this work by professional landscape designers with a portfolio and proof of their professionalism.”

to Judge the work of the invited jury composed of 10 people, headed by its permanent Chairman James Alexander Sinclair. The theme of the festival is in honor of the passing of the “Year of memory and glory” and the contest theme was “Gardens of the world” .

it was a Lot of children’s works for the competition “planet of flowers”. As the Chairman of the jury of children’s competition, Vice-President, Fund support of parks and gardens of fra��tsii Princess Marie-Sol de La Tour d’auvergne, the competition received more than 100 works by children, the youngest participant was only 6 years old. “It’s really nice that we got so much work from the guys – said the Princess. – This shows that the interest in the topic of beauty, nature, ecology will only increase. There are very interesting projects, one of them, when the wild flowers are the main protagonists of the garden. Moreover, this project has already been implemented in their rural garden.

According to city authorities, the most interesting ideas will be implemented in urban areas, particularly under them, may be used to buffer part of the protected areas as well as gardens and parks of the city.