In the building of the Central Bank of Russia there is a short circuit, with the result that there was a small fire.

TSAO, street the Bryansk Post, the house 8, building 1 — Central Bank of the Russian Federation — there was a short circuit of the lamp in the mine lift truck with subsequent fire on the area of 0.2 square meters, — said the representative of the emergency services.

According to RIA Novosti, the mine freight Elevator short-circuited. The fire broke out. The area of the fire amounted to 0.2 sq. m. the Flames had time to spread through the building and went out on their own.

As previously wrote in the South of Moscow was PE. Lit apartment, which is located on the High street. As a result of incident two persons were lost. The fire area made 15 sq. m. At the scene working rescuers and law enforcement officers. The causes of the incident are being investigated