In the building of the British Parliament slipped Fox

In one of the buildings of the British Parliament came an unusual visitor: a Fox snuck in there and started up an escalator. The police caught her when she managed to reach the fourth floor.

In the end, the animal was placed in a box and released back to the street. One of the deputies joked that in the British Parliament, strange things happen, but the appearance of the Fox was the most unusual.

the Correspondent of The Sun on Twitter posted a video, which depicted as an animal in a box carried outside and released.

The fox has been taken out of Parliament. Excellent work!

— Kate Ferguson (@kateferguson4) February 6, 2020

6 February it was reported that in the Tver region from the bites of foxes with signs of rabies injured at least 12 people. First, the animal rushed to the people walking down the street, then ran into the roadway and was hit by a car.