Molecular biologists from the University of Amsterdam has conducted extensive research of plasma of blood of people who recover from severe coronavirus infection, studying antibodies, which appeared after infection. The results of the study, published in the electronic scientific library bioRxiv, help to understand why in the body of critically ill occur "immune explosion" – failures in work of immune system, and reverse reaction, causing massive inflammation.

As found by scientists during an experiment, among the antibodies there is a certain group that can connect with thorn proteins of the virus – thereby distinguishing protein on the envelope of the coronavirus, which helps it to penetrate healthy cells.

These antibodies cause the immune cells"cleaners" to develop a huge number of signal molecules, which leads to acute inflammation. The overabundance of these macrophages contributes not only to strong inflammation, but the formation of blood clots, disruption of blood vessels – that is, the development of various unforeseen complications. That is why, scientists believe, the condition of many patients is severely compromised at the moment, when activated adaptive immunity.

Scientists make a cautious conclusion that the use of blood plasma of patients for the prevention and treatment of new cases in need of further study. It should also examine the question of whether to remove such antibodies from the serum of donors, which has barely recovered from a severe form of the disease.