several neighbors are alarmed last night in the beautiful book of BL by about half 4 o’clock by a loud Bang. A little later the notes became police: Unscrupulous robbers have to create at the Raiffeisen branch on the neuwiler street to an ATM.

The perpetrators were apparently a little squeamish. The ATMs were blown up by the Unknown short-hand. After that, you took a white persons car in a window immediately adjacent to the ATM. Then they took to flight, and drove in the direction of France. In the building where the ATM was installed, the municipality of nice book.

By the violent Explosion of the building was built on the Bank of great property damage. Debris to be thrown up to 15 meters wide on the road. How much money were able to capture the robbers, is currently the subject of investigations, as the police of Basel-telling landscape. People were injured in the incident, no. (cat)