In the Arkhangelsk region at large farmer opened a case about the justification of terrorism for the comment about the 17-year-old bomber

a year and a half after the terrorist attack in the building of the FSB Department in Arkhangelsk security forces continue to bring criminal charges of and a half years after the terrorist attack in the building of the FSB Department in Arkhangelsk security forces continue to bring criminal charges of “justification of terrorism” / Akishin Vyacheslav

a year and a half after the terrorist attack in the building of the FSB Department in Arkhangelsk security forces continue to bring criminal charges of “justification of terrorism”. February 26, another accused under article 205.2 of the criminal code became 44-summer Oleg Germans from the city of Koryazhma of the Arkhangelsk region, informs a portal “the North.Realities”.

the Reason for the initiation of criminal proceedings was the discussion in the group “Gossip Koryazhma” in “Vkontakte” about the suicide bombing 17-year-old Michael Globizco in the waiting room of the FSB October 31, 2018. The Germans wrote that “17-year-old boy has a responsibility, more balls than the current crowd of men”. The whole branch of the discussion, for the comments where going to judge Nemtseva, still available.

Oleg Germans found out about what is the main defendant in the case, when in late September of 2019 came to him with a search warrant. According to Nemtseva, the search was without a lawyer. Police were looking for him forbidden things, and during a search of threatened to take away children (Nemtseva four of them), if the activist “will occur”.

From Nemtseva withdrew the knife, which later was recognized as a cold weapon, two tablet, a computer and three phones, and then got lucky in koryazhemskaya on the investigation division, where he was questioning without a lawyer.Without the lawyer was the second search in the village Pozdyshevo Kotlassky district, where the family Nemtsevich have a small house and farm. There the police did not withdraw, but the neighbors-pensioners were frightened by the mass of police cars.

In a criminal case held two examination. One confirmed that Oleg Germans was the author of the controversial quotes, the other admitted that he made statements aimed at justifying terrorism. However, neither the appeals nor the terrorist propaganda expert not found.

February 26, 2020 Nemtseva charged. In the indictment the investigator Sergey Bozhedomov indicated that the Germans “deliberately …with intent of inciting social hatred against a group of persons on the grounds of belonging to the authorities and law enforcement agencies, as well as to the professions, part of which is the risk of their own lives, sharing extremist beliefs, to publicly justify terrorism, adhering to the beliefs about the permissibility of the practice of terrorism to change the constitutional order of the Russian Federation …by using information and telecommunications network “Internet”, has publicly declared their acceptance of the ideology and practices of terrorism as correct, needing support and imitation, through a public offering in the network “Internet”.

“I am the father of four children, and I was mad that even before the criminal case began to write in the address 17-year-old kid. Only the court has the right to declare guilty or not, and it was called an infidel and all sorts of other words. This angered me, explained the Germans. – Because no one knew what made him commit this act, the investigation was not himself was considered a terrorist attack.” In his opinion, the question in this case is not about the attack and about the method of suicide, the intent to justify the terrorism he was not, and the cause of the incident was the fact that the public authorities do not perform their tasks.

Oleg of Germans considers themselves a civic activist. He writes in a urban chat rooms, comments on the events. Several times he went to Sies to support the protesters against the landfill. After the tragedy in Naryan-Mar, where a mentally ill man stabbed a child in kindergarten, the Germans decided to test the protection in the kindergarten to go to his children, and was able to get there without any preposti.

Deputy Mayor of the city, which then asked the Germans, “replied that is your problem, you decide” “But the Deputy mayor was the chief of police and can not understand the threat. Today, police have not guarded. Now she’s all Cheese, there to disperse innocent people, and we essentially had no contact with law enforcement,” says the man.

According to him, last year and a half the whole Arkhangelsk region has become a powder keg, and the locals get poorer while the official terms of improving quality of life. According to media reports, residents of the city suffer from emissions of pulp and paper mill, increasing the incidence of cancer. While the clinic and children’s hospital, formerly located in the same building, was closed, the children were moved to another place.

Despite the protests, Koryazhma also closed the hospital, leaving only a maternity ward in a city hospital. Mothers with pathology sent over 600 km to Arkhangelsk, only promising to offset the costs of the road. In 2014, Koryazhma was included into the list of monotowns of the Russian Federation with the risk of deteriorating socio-economic situation.