In the demilitarized zone separating South and North Korea, there was a shootout, which likely was the result of randomness.

As reported in the joint Committee of chiefs of staffs of Armed forces of the Republic of Korea (the joint chiefs of staff of armed forces of Kazakhstan), “today at 7: 41 a.m. in the morning near one of the observation points in the Central part of the border with the DPRK in our direction was made a few shots”. Southerners of the victims and some other damages were reported, however, according to the adopted procedures, the South Korean military made warning through speakers and twice in response opened fire.

currently, South Korean military to produce an additional assessment of the situation and watching the actions of northerners trying to figure out the motives of such a step.

According to preliminary version, the northerners opened fire unintentionally, and on their side there was a domestic incident.