not only narrow Profi there’s a chance the organizers will not refuse the help of search engines-lovers: know how to dig deep (controlled with a metal detector, shovel and probe) – also have a chance.

Condition: 18 years and older, higher education (alas, it is a scientific expedition), the health, allowing to spend at sea not less than three months. After arriving in Severomorsk accommodation and meals – at the expense of the host.

What we seek in high latitudes?

Yes, all that is interesting on the water, under water and on land: historical artifacts, sunken ships, secret military facilities. And all that remains of the great explorers – the list is very long. Will focus on just three projects.

it is Necessary to find a grocery depot Austro-Hungarian expedition of the nineteenth century Julius payer and Karl Weyprecht. There is reason to believe that their food is in the cleft of the rock on the island of Barents. The Arctic is a very responsible attitude to such treasures: the warehouse had to be preserved.

What is interesting in the stew the last century? Yes, everything! The author of these lines were holding canned meat (675 gram Bank with soup and meat), which is considered the most ancient in the world. Stored in a refrigerator in Moscow, research Institute of Rosrezerv storage. She was found on the Taimyr Peninsula: in 1900 there laid the stock of provisions the legendary Eduard toll. Warehouse found in 1974. After 120 years in the permafrost of the product – open, gray, and eat.

Imagine how important and interesting it is to open canned foods, founded in 1872 by the Austro-Hungarian expedition?!

On the icebreaker “Ilya Muromets”, the researchers will repeat the route of the first Russian polar expedition of Baron toll 1900-1902 years along the Northern coast of Taimyr. According to the scientific leader of the expedition Sergey Churkin, on the Islands of the Taimyr Peninsula probably took place the winter of 1912-1913 of Rusanov’s expedition on the ship “Hercules”, and 12 years previously wintered there Baron toll, the missing (and three of his companions) in October 1902. The rescue expedition found traces of the toll in a shack built from driftwood. Directed the rescuers Kolchak. Yes, the same.

by the Way, the remains of the huts of the Baron’s toll is still to be seen on the Bennett island. And even though they were tested repeatedly, the expedition this year, hoping to find something new.

And why not? Last year RGS and the Northern fleet has opened in the Arctic, five new Islands.

During the great Patriotic war in the Arctic, there were battles about which we know quite a few. Thus, the analysis of satellite images allowed us to reliably identify two groups of objects in the area of the Taimyr Peninsula artillery battery of the white sea flotilla Northern fleet: 122 mm guns on the Mikhailov Peninsula and the island of Nansen. Set in 1943. According to the Nazis (analysis borthernAla submarine U-711), the location of the gunners in the Arctic has forced the German Navy to shift the areas of fighting.

Agree, it is high time to fill this gap in knowledge. Well, not all the youth to read the fantastic “investigation” about the secret German “spaceports” in the distant Antarctica. When there is a real exciting historical stories at hand in a much more near and dear to us Arctic.

After an unsuccessful to us the Crimean war, began to look for someone to blame. Alexander II was reported among the reasons for the failure – junk food of the troops, the soldiers were fed crackers Yes, sauerkraut. And on this there many navoyuesh… the Emperor ordered to correct the situation. In 1870, the Frenchman françois Aziber established in St.-Petersburg manufacture of canned: stew, porridge, meat with peas, pea soup and roast beef/lamb. After 5-8 years of storage contents of 99% of the cans are not contaminated.

First: new York city – North island of Novaya Zemlya – North.

Second: new York city – Gate is the Kara – Taimyr Peninsula – Mona island – nordenskiöld archipelago – Cape Chelyuskin – the Bay pronchischevoy – new Siberian Islands Wrangel island – Herald o – the Chukotka Peninsula – Severnaya Zemlya – Franz-Joseph – Severomorsk.