In the Arctic launched a total disinfection of public places

In the Murmansk region began a total disinfection of places of a mass congestion of people. As explained by the regional operative headquarters, the weather conditions do not allow to carry out the treatment on the street. Therefore, the disinfectant composition is sprayed in all areas of mass use.

Desoribed aqueous solution with chlorine with the use of high-pressure units already held at the railway station in Murmansk. Similar events will be held regularly in all municipalities of the region.

When the temperature rises above five degrees Celsius, and the snow and ice melt, experts will start to disinfect the streets. Assistance to the region in the fight against coronavirus infection have experts Noginsk and Nevsky rescue centres, group “Tsentrospas” and the personnel of EMERCOM of Russia in the Murmansk region.

According to recent reports, the Arctic recorded 856 cases COVID-19. 70 patients recovered, four died.