In the anniversary of Lenin became known for which he was made a scapegoat

“the leader of the world proletariat”, the “Creator revolution”, “Most humane man”… Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the 150th anniversary of which is celebrated these days during the Soviet era was much publicized propaganda “titles”. And what rewards and officially approved the honorary title was this famous politician?

to Compete for part of the “iconostasis” on the chest with his namesake patronymic Leonid Brezhnev Vladimir Ilyich is clearly not. The current occupant of the mausoleum during his lifetime was awarded – officially – only one distinction: the Order of Work of the Khorezm people’s Soviet Republic.

This award of power HNSR established in the spring of 1922, and the first recipient of a new revolutionary order was precisely Lenin, the decree on awarding the CEC Central Asian republics issued on 4 April. In the welcome letter attached to the award, it was written: “We ask You, dear and beloved, our master, to accept this award according to the decree of the Central Executive Committee and carry it as a symbol of liberation of labor in the East after centuries of slavery…”

a Curious fact. He awarded that he became decorated, never found out. While insignia is made until transported from distant Khorezm.., – to Moscow the award was made in August 1922. By that time Lenin was already seriously ill and almost constantly in the suburban manor Hill. And the Secretary of the leader Fotieva, having received a “parcel” and not really understand its high purpose, and commanded to send “icon of Asia” on the shelf in the archive. There is this “exclusive” the order has lain in oblivion for 40 years. Only in 1962, researchers found among the archival papers and documents on rewarding of Vladimir Ilyich Khorezm Republic. Then, the Order of Labor and placed on an honorable place in the exposition of the Central Museum of V. I. Lenin.

three More awards in the young Soviet Republic, went to the Lenin posthumously. And all of his order of the red banner was “illegal,” received no official award documents.

In the archival papers and the publication of the newspaper “Izvestia” recorded an interesting fact. Managing Director of the CPC Nikolai Gorbunov, saying goodbye to the leader 22 January 1924, made him the posthumous gift: removed from the lapel of their “Banner”, received for heroism in the battles of the Civil war, and put the order to the French lying in a coffin “cartridge”. This badge adorned on the chest of the leader until 1943. Then it was decided to still remove Lenin French “illegally obtained” the order and transmit it to the Museum (the most Gorbunov in 1930 issued in exchange “awarded” to the deceased a duplicate order of the red banner).

the Second “Banner” dead Lenin got those January ��nor from the teachers and students of Military academic courses of the high command of the red army. The members of the delegation, who came to the pillared hall to say goodbye to a beloved leader, laid the wreath, which was attached to the order. This award in the mid-1960s, also moved to the Lenin Museum.

it was in the Lenin mausoleum and given to the leader of the third posthumously the Order the red banner. Well-known activist of the Communist international, Clara Zetkin, who died in the summer of 1933, in his will, ordered his “Banner” (his violent revolutionary received on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the October revolution) to lay on the sarcophagus of Lenin. The order decided to remove in 1944.

Vladimir Ilyich could be a Nobel peace prize for 1917. The proposal was made in early 1918, the leadership of the social democratic party of Norway. The Scandinavians felt that the leader of the Bolsheviks is quite worthy of the honorary award “for the triumph of peace”, saying that he was the mastermind of the publication in the young Soviet Republic “Decree on peace”, which largely determined the subsequent withdrawal of Russia from world war. The Nobel Committee rejected a proposal for a formal reason: the proposal was sent after the due deadline of submitting the applications. However following this, gentlemen, “Committee members” agreed on a compromise: “If the existing Russian government will be able to establish peace and tranquility in the country, the Committee will not have anything against the award of Lenin Peace prize next year…” Alas, the mentioned condition in the end was not completed: instead of the promised peace by the Bolsheviks, the country began to inflame a Civil war. So I. “Nobel” and not received.

But the Leader of the revolution had accumulated a very impressive collection of honorary titles “local scale”.

In 1919, the revolutionary military Council of the Republic issued a decree according to which Lenin adopted in honor of the red army. As such Predsovnarkoma was enrolled in the 1st Department of the 1st platoon of the 1st company of the 195 th infantry regiment Yeisk.

the Story of the following honorary rank of Lenin let’s start with stating a paradoxical fact: in January 1924 the car with the body of the newly deceased Lenin was brought to Moscow the locomotive, which was listed as a machinist… he comrade Lenin! The fact that in the spring of 1923, the railroad agreed to repair the locomotive U-127 on a voluntary basis – after spending a few Saturdays. In memory of such a major revolutionary initiative of the locomotive painted in red. And at the General meeting of workers of the depot, it was decided to appoint V. I. Lenin an Honorary engineer of U-127. That’s why when in January 1924 the issue was resolved, how a steam locomotive lead a funeral train with the body of the leader to the capital, was chosen “Lenin”, “red engine”.

the Year 1923 th ��tal time mass assignment Ilyich honorary titles. The reason is simple: the year has marked the 25th anniversary of the party he created RSDRP –VKP(b). Here is the working collectives of different enterprises in different regions of the country and tried to please the beloved leader (already seriously ill at the time) such gifts for the anniversary.

In may at the General meeting of employees of the municipal Department of the Vitebsk city Executive Committee made the decision to enroll to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin an Honorary engineer “of Vodosvet” organization, uniting the tram, power, water and steam sawmill. This is quite a symbolic position was reinforced by a very real paycheck. At the company for Lenin, his rule worked overtime full-time operators of the power plant. Assessed for money accounting “of Vodosvet” were regularly transferred to the Fund for construction of the red air fleet.

a few labor specializations that happy Lenin:

Honorary torfyanik Lapin of peat in the Yaroslavl region.

Honorary sorter 8-th digit Shuya sheepskin and fur factory.

Honorary cooperator Turkestan.

Honorary engineer of the Vitebsk city plant.

Honorary switchman of the railway station Kiev-Passenger I.

But originalnuyu, the sonorous profession leader invented in the Urals.

In Miass, one of the attractions is a statue of Lenin. The sculpture itself is nothing special stands out among thousands of Lenin monuments placed throughout the country. But “back” this monument is still the same! – A decorative panel mounted in a pedestal flaunts a striking unique inscription: “Lenin – Honorary naskalski”.

No typos here. Naskalski is a worker who makes a dent in the files.

In 1923 at the next meeting of the working group neprochnov the Miass plant was unanimously resolved: “our dear Vladimir Ilyich Lenin to enroll Honorary nusikalstamu of the 3rd category”.

the Leader of world proletariat was officially included in the state enterprises were established in the premises of shop personal Leninist workplace and conducted among the factory workers, the competition for the right to work in this place. In the next few decades – until 1991, the name “Lenin” was listed in the payroll. But the real money that accrued this symbolic dascalescu listed in the Foundation of the factory, and spent on various cultural and educational purposes, and during the war – the needs of the red Army. Interesting detail: on the wages of naskalski V. I. Lenin was held not only income tax, but the tax for childlessness! And virtualth worker paid Union dues.

One of the most recent awards of Lenin took place in this century. In June 2003, the deputies of the Ulyanovsk city Duma discussed the lists of candidates for assignment to the newly established the title of Honorary citizen of the city of Ulyanovsk. In the end, among other honorary Ulyanovsk became Vladimir Ilyich, his father Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov (he once scored on a post of the Director of public schools in Simbirsk province) and another native of Simbirsk – a famous Russian politician, head of the Provisional government, Alexander Kerensky.

But a few years later, in the fall of 2006, a group of representatives of the local community appealed to deprive Lenin of this title. As one of the arguments for this is: say, Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) in the pre-revolutionary period of his life he made unseemly at the time the actions were even condemned by the laws of the Russian Empire – the state of which he was. And adjusted according to City Council rules, information about criminal records the Honorable citizen can serve as a basis to deprive a person of this title.

Sparked heated debates. The result, they can be found in electronic reference books. In the list of honorary citizens of the city of Ulyanovsk as of 2018 the name of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) is not listed.

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