Thai Authorities have instructed the local studios to shoot love scenes, fights or actions associated with a close contact to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Before the film brought a note from the Ministry of culture of the Kingdom to strictly adapt its work in accordance with the rules of social distancing. The broadcaster Thai PBS reported that on the set people should be no less than one to two meters from each other.

the filmmakers have to work in a well ventilated area, where there is no more than 50 members of the crew. Special effects and camera angles can be used to help depict scenes that usually require proximity or contact. In addition, all persons on the set and not entering the camera lens, have to wear a mask.

Other measures to limit the risk of infection include a survey of all participants for symptoms COVID-19. The administrator on the set you will need to register the data of all individuals who are on the site, in case you have the infection and you will need to track infected people and their contacts.

In recent days as lower-level cases in the country, the government of Thailand has weakened restrictive measures, The Guardian reports. Sunday for the first time since March, was opened Department stores that led to the formation of long queues outside shopping malls. Large stores except supermarkets and pharmacies were closed for almost two months. Restaurants were allowed to work provided that they will take action for social distancing and limit the distance between the visitors at least half a meter. In addition, a night curfew in the country was reduced by one hour: now he works from 11 PM to 4 am.

according to observers, the drastic measures of locking in the Kingdom really helped to reduce the number of daily cases of infection, but they also affected the country’s economy, which shrank in the first quarter at the fastest pace in eight years. In total in Thailand was 56 deaths and 3033 cases of infection with coronavirus.