In Thailand is booming again firing, this time taking aim at the residents of Bangkok

In Bangkok near the Chulalongkorn University gunman opened fire. Eyewitnesses said that at first he fired three shots into the air, and then turned the weapon on pedestrians. In total, he fired about 50 shots, reports TASS.

there were no injuries. The police said that the incident should not be termed “mass shooting”. Guards cordoned off the area, where lies the culprit – 44-year-old Ekkachai of Carucci and persuade him to surrender.

it is Known that the shooter had an argument with my family. He then took the gun and left the house.

Informed of the tragic shooting incident occurred in the city of Korat about 200 km from Bangkok. 8 Feb 32-year-old corporal in the military camp shot and killed his commanding officer and two people. He then went to the Mall Korath and opened fire on civilians. In the result, 26 people died and more than 60 injured.

the Killer was broadcast shooting through Facebook. On its liquidation it took 18 hours. One of the possible reasons for the shooting – household conflict.