Specialists of “Moscow” Technopolis have created a robot for the repair of the pools holding spent nuclear fuel nuclear power plant of new type. As head of the city Department of investment and industrial policy, in the autumn of the first device will go to Leningrad NPP-2.

Robotic system using ultrasound to detect cracks and other defects in metal sheets facing the pool, which stores spent nuclear nuclear fuel, and then use welding equipment repairs. The development is designed to service nuclear power stations of a new type: they are built with a single tank of exposure, not with two as before.

the Unique technology that repairs will be possible to carry out directly in the pool, said General Director of special economic zone (SEZ) “Technopolis “Moscow””.

SEZ “Technopolis” consists of five sites with a total area of over 200 hectares. It is a platform in the printer, “Alabushevo”, “Micron” and “Angstrem”, “MIET”. Special economic zone has both greenfield and brownfield areas. Here are located more than 150 high-tech companies.