In Tatarstan the employee of the cellular interior was convicted of surveillance of a subscriber

the 23-year-old employee of a branch of one of cellular operators cellular Kazan will go on trial for violating the secrecy of telephone conversations. Using official position, she made a printout of calls abonentki to one of his friends, reported in the UK in the Republic of Tatarstan.

As the materials of the case, the incident occurred in October 2019. One of the subordinates of the accused asked her to make the detail of calls the wife of his friend. He assured the girl that his friend needs this information, because he had quarreled with his wife.

In the end, the defendant decided to help a colleague and prepared for him a list of outgoing and incoming connections of the subscriber. After some time this fact is recognized and the victim. She has addressed in UFSB Russia across Tatarstan.

Officer interior communications are fully admitted his guilt. She was prescribed a punishment of 80 hours of compulsory work, said STRC “Tatarstan” representatives of the office.

Text: GTRK “Tatarstan”