In Tambov will play a football match with a duration of seven minutes

the Control and disciplinary Committee (KDK) the Russian football Union (RFU) has considered the incident in the match 22-th round of the youth championship among players under 19 years “Tambov” – “Wings of the Soviets” and decided to finish interrupted due to a mass brawl meeting with the 83rd minute.

So, the duration of a football match is seven minutes of pure time.

according to Twitter, “wings of the Soviets”, the date plays will be announced later.

Today a meeting of the FTC, which addressed the incident in the match of youth teams of Tambov and @fckssamara. The game was stopped at the 83rd minute, the team did not finish. Following the meeting it was decided to finish the match with 83 minutes. The date will be announced later.

— PFK Krylya Sovetov (@fckssamara) March 18, 2020

the Game, which took place on 15 March in Tambov, was completed by decision of the judge in the 83rd minute when the score was 1:1 after the players staged a brawl after a series of grave violations. Four of the players, “wings of the Soviets” received red cards.

it was Later revealed that referee Ilya Ivanov made a mistake in the counting of remote players deciding that the Samara team on the field less than seven players. However, under the rules of the game had to be continued.