Elderly Dachshund will be evicted from the apartment in Syktyvkar by the court. The statement of claim on the dog owner filed a son, he lives in the same apartment, reports the United press service of Syktyvkar city court of the Komi Republic.

Claim to the dog from the young man arose because of the smell. The dog after an injury could not go out for a walk. Because of this, the rug in the apartment, and the floor in the corridor with time was spoiled, there was a fungus, and in the apartment there was an intolerable smell.

the Son tried to persuade his father to get rid of the dog, and then went to court. At the request of the son was examined, she confirmed that the rooms of the apartment are really spoilt because of taxes.

At the same time considering the matter, the court pointed out that the law about responsible treatment of animals requires that owners took care of their Pets and provide them veterinary care.

However, the court granted the petition. If the father-the defendant does not appeal the court’s decision, then he should attach the dog to a different location or to send the animal to the shelter.