The sky is full of vehicles of Air. Worldwide, around 22’000 passenger planes daily in the air. To do this, about the same number of business jets and helicopters. All safely pass each other forward, using the passenger air travel is a highly complex control system.

This System is disturbed by more and more drones flying uncontrolled through the air. This should soon be brought to an end. The EU Commission adopted two weeks ago, new provisions to regulate the use of drones better. Also the Switzerland will take on – including a registration requirement for the flying objects.

a Big majority of the drone is affected

“We are preparing the foundations for a drone register,” says Urs Holderegger, a spokesman for the Federal office for civil aviation (Foca), for “NZZ am Sonntag”.

The registration should be done online. From 2020, drone operators and their device must get registered. Therefore, drones with a weight, have to have 250 grams using an electronic identification system so that the vast majority of the flying objects is affected. In addition, mobile or Tracker will be the location of this vehicle.

100’000 sold drones in Switzerland last year

in Switzerland Alone, more than 100’000 drones were last year at hobby pilots sold. That was going largely unrecognized by the Swiss air space. Regular collisions or near collisions with planes and helicopters make the headlines today.

Currently, neither the aircraft nor the pilots “detection shield”. Therefore, misconduct, often without consequences. For the responsible regulators of the air space is therefore no longer clear that drones must be integrated into the existing air traffic system.

Therefore, it is tested in Switzerland right of the air monitoring, Skyguide developed control system “U-Space”. With an App drone flights can be authorized and monitored. It is Europe-wide the first System of this kind.

drones loaded in the airport for days

That is not registered drones can pose a big Problem, is demonstrated in an incident in the UK Gatwick airport last December. There drones on rose immediately, and the land slopes, and ensured that the flight operations for safety reasons for four whole days was set. The resulting damage is estimated to be about 65 million Swiss francs and more. (bra)