A leading Swedish Professor Anders Tegnell admitted that he was “not sure” that the refusal of the quarantine was the right strategy, despite the fact that the number of infections with coronavirus and deaths per day has dropped significantly. Reported by the Daily Mail.

It Tegnell is one of the ideologists of the failure of the austerity measures and maintaining the normal rhythm of life in the country. In Sweden continue to work bars, restaurants and schools on the background of the pandemic.

“I think the most important thing is to always try to do your best with the knowledge and tools that we have. And always be modest, because you may have to change its decision”, — said the expert.

May 1 in Sweden, the coronavirus has infected 428 people, while April 30 was identified 790 infected. The number of deaths compared with the previous day also decreased from 124 to 67.

The Swedish model of combating the spread of the coronavirus is hotly debated. Its main feature is the abandonment of quarantine and temporary closure of enterprises. So, the US President Donald trump made her criticism and said that “Sweden will pay heavily for this decision.”

However, the world health organization believes that Sweden could be an example of normal life after the lifting of the quarantine.

According to the latest data, in Sweden recorded more than 22 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. Total in the country more than 2.6 thousand people died in the pandemic.