Swedish telecommunications company announced the launch of a 5G network. This is the first commercial use of such technology in the country.

Mast network was established in Stockholm, Gothenburg and malmö, reports TASS. The speed of Internet access with her four times the speed of 4G. However most modern phones do not support the new technology.

I am extremely proud of the fact that we are opening the gates to what would become the first in Sweden and present the most comprehensive network 5G, — said the head of the organization Anders Nilsson.

Access 5G will only get subscribers with unlimited Internet.

25 of may the same network plans to launch two other operator — Telia and Ericsson.

Earlier wrote that the world’s largest international satellite operator Intelsat has filed for bankruptcy for restructuring. The main reason for the bankruptcy and restructuring was the desire to obtain permission to use frequency C-band to deploy a 5G network on the territory of the United States from the FCC.