In Suzdal was awarded the animated series for girls about cooking

“Magic kitchen” is the first Russian series for girls about cooking. Designed for children 4 to 6 years. The main character of the animated series – six-year-old Maya girl who dreams of becoming a real housewife and mommy’s helper. Using magic the girl goes on a Magical kitchen toy from her child’s room and prepared the Maya help animated kitchen appliances – stove, toaster, saucepan, mixer and plastic utensils.

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the Creators pay attention to the fact that in each episode of “the Magic kitchen”, there is an emphasis on safety, as well as special informative insert – infographics in the style of 2D animation from which the young viewers will learn the interesting history of the dish or the country.

“Magic kitchen” is immediately to serve as an international project, – said the chief producer of the animation Studio “100 KILOWATTS” Elena Malenkina. Is not just a cooking show, is a real adventure with a fascinating story and useful information. In each episode, we tell interesting facts about different countries.”

the Premiere of the first 8 episodes of the cartoon took place in Russia on the channel “Carousel” in the fall of 2019. Today aired 18 series, each month the Studio is producing two new series.

“We are presenting a special award MIPJunior is the 7th year in a row and see how the growing quality of Russian animation, more projects, gaining a wide audience around the world. The “Magic kitchen” has all the chances to conquer the small audience abroad. The series looks very easy – it is interesting to observe the curious and fun-loving heroine, who every day implementout my dream of learning to cook different dishes of world cuisine. Cognitive component is seamlessly and unobtrusively integrated into the script, and it is also an advantage against the tendency to oversaturate the children’s content information, training. So we wish the winner a successful international fate,” – says Alexander Modestova, General Director of “Ekspokontent”.

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