Monday will be allowed to open stores area of not more than 400 square meters. A mandatory requirement for shops – private entrance. Clothing stores will also be able to work, but the fitting must be closed.

one visitor in the sales area shall be at least four square meters, at the same time in the store can be no more than ten customers.

an Important point: non-food shops in the shopping malls, the relief will not be affected, they will continue to be closed.

But you can buy an apartment. The offices of building companies from the 8th of June can once again receive visitors.

Resumes the work of the dealers, but you can get there will be by appointment only. However, even enrolled in advance customer in the showroom will not be allowed, if the hall will be more than ten visitors. Test drive is prohibited. All placed in the sales area, the car must undergo mandatory fumigation. And if the visitor decided to buy a car, then before passing to the client of its obligation to again prodezinfitsirovat.

In offices, in shops and showrooms should have the opportunity to observe social distance in half-meter.

it is Worth noting that before you can resume all entrepreneurs who decided to open retail outlets should notify their intentions to the Committee on industrial policy, innovation and trade.