in St. Petersburg In St. George was hospitalized the first soloist of group “Tender may” Alexander Priko, the producer of the group Andrey Razin said on his page in Instagram.

Diagnosis of the artist is not known, but we know that he is in the 2nd therapeutic Department of the medical facility. And the hospital of St. George is now completely redeveloped for the patients with coronavirus infection.

Andrei Razin in his post noted that now the doctors are doing everything possible to provide Alexander Priko necessary assistance. Razin he is currently in Krasnodar, but has said it is ready at any moment to go to Petersburg to assist the musician.

Alexander Priko joined the group “Tender may” in 1988 together with Igor Igoshin. Like all members of the group “Tender may”, Alexander Priko had an unenviable childhood. He was born in the city guy of the Orenburg region in a large family, his mother was deprived of parental rights for alcoholism. So Priko got to the orphanage, and then in boarding school №2 of Orenburg city. There is a time worked as a teacher, Sergey Kuznetsov, who created the vocal group “Tender may”. Alexander Priko was there to speak. After a few small concerts on the group learned of the Moscow producer Andrey Razin and the children were invited to Moscow, and soon about “Tender may” speak the whole country.

Alexander Priko was the keyboardist in “Tender may”, however, very short. In 1989 musician went to a new group of “Mama”, the band successfully toured the country, but collapsed in 1992. Since then, Alexander Priko periodically writes new songs and performs at corporate parties.

Soloist of the first part of the group “Tender may” Alexander Priko is in serious condition in the 2nd therapeutic Department of the city hospital of St. George, in St. Petersburg. Group “Tender may” is very worried about him. I, as a Member of the Public Chamber of the Union state “Russia-Belarus”, contacted the chief physician of the hospital Strezelecki Valeriy Viktorovich. The specialists of the hospital are doing everything possible to make prompt diagnosis and provide adequate medical care to Alexander. At the moment I am in Krasnodar, but keep the situation under control. Ready at any moment to fly to Saint Petersburg. I hope that all will be well. Remind that Alexander Priko was brought in 1988 in Moscow as soloist of group “Tender may” with Igor Igoshin, who, unfortunately, died. Currently, Alexander lives with his family and works in St. Petersburg.😱🙏

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