In conditions of isolation in Russia was born the first festival in which the key word is new. It is a festival of NEW puppet theater from the NEW generation theatre for a NEW audience – “the BTK.Generation”. Yes, that’s so radically formulates the essence of the new project, the project organizer – the Bolshoi puppet theatre (BTK) in St. Petersburg, which today is the most interesting and creative center for puppetry business in the country.

“of BTK.Generation” has opened doors for students and graduates from different creative directions: Directors-puppeteers (course Ruslan Kudashov), producers, artists and actors, within a large-scale laboratory carried out BTK, teamed up in 15 teams, each of which created their performance – from scratch.

– We only sent you guys suggested and gave them materials, but all the work starting from ideas, they have done themselves, – says the curator of the project Natalia Sergeev.

a Parting word from the artistic Director Ruslan Kudasheva BTK, he sets the parameters of work in the online conditions: the duration of the future performance of the European -1:10, 1:15, on the presentation of its layout is given no more than 15 minutes.

– the Layout gives you the opportunity to touch the game. It provokes to think, to play a scale. The boys were given the task to solve the microscale in your performance and play it. One of them starts to work with the techniques of cinema, animation, enriches the work unexpected angles – the kind, for clear reasons, can’t see at the theater— says Ruslan. And online marathon of layouts of future performances BTK-Generаcion starts.

Interesting to see online (and from this format a bit sad) how the new generation thinks and what they can do to realize your ambitions. And young offer a trial online expert performances in different genres and techniques. And not about the virtual world, extraterrestrial civilizations, and of man and the world in which he lives. Productions of Russian and foreign classics, documentary stories, old Testament and even by the posts on the public.

these Models similar to short films and mini-performances with extensive use of cameras. Subject theatre allows to realize the most crazy ideas. So, Marina Chomutov for his project – “blood wedding” by Federico Garcia Lorca (this is not a “Bun” of some sort) used just simply: knife, two gloves, ceramic figure, a scarf and thread. Michael Kolyshkin working on “Envy” by Yuri Olesha, together with the painter Daria Dubovik character of your layout made common pepper, clumsy, ugly. Just think – a common vegetable, but has become the embodiment of oppressive metaphors of life. Roma Furshtatskaya, perhaps the only one who has not used the power of the camera, but his presentation on the children’s tale Elinor Fargona of “Western forest” neither��the path is not lost. Vlad Totaka played with the angles of the picture that is not only allowed to focus on the details, but gave a glimpse of the future of scenography of the performance (art.Olga Klopova).Through a collage of reflections and lines from “Crime and punishment” Dostoevsky he made the scope of the topic, exploring the fear. The one that fills society and eats at the soul. As if the other emotional pole Daria Levinger reflects the birth of men from the old Testament texts. The female figure cut out of cardboard, to tell their love stories and their stories of the arrival of “baby” into the world. Here are the details – the shape of the feet, smelling the earth, the incredible beauty of the eyes, becoming the object of love and pain, the history and origin of isolation.

honestly, online a little bored, – says Ruslan Kudashev. – Internet – not our business. When this is all over, ready to throw out all the gadgets. But still alive, working in this format. Will be food day. Whining? Suffer? It’s not for us.

it Remains to add that in addition to the solution of artistic tasks, the guys got a great experience in such important things for the modern theatre, as the completion and submission of grants, interaction with experts in sponsorship and maintenance of social networks.