may 18 on TNT kicks off a new series about life in the ‘ 90s: “Peace! Friendship! Gum!”. In support of the release of the film of the famous St. Petersburg graffiti team HoodGraff painted with bright colors of the walls in the center of the city. Artists depicted Tamagotchi, a Polaroid camera and a VHS tape – the most coveted items of the era – and the inscription “PEACE FRIENDSHIP bubble GUM”.

the Press service of the channel reports:

– the universe of the series is Packed with symbols of the 90s and permeated the atmosphere of the time. Graffiti reminiscent of old times: looking at fresh street art, immersed in an atmosphere of 90’s and nostalgic about devices of the last generation.

– We remembered your 90s and that was our dream at that time: I wanted to have a Tamagotchi to take pictures on a Polaroid camera and watch fighters on tape. Three secret symbol of those years plus a bright background is a way to diversify the grayness that haunts Petersburg, – said the head HoodGraff studio Artem Bourges. – I only recently began to experience feelings of nostalgia for the 90th, and then on the horizon appeared the movie “World! Friendship! Gum!”

Command HoodGraff known in St. Petersburg for its black-and-white portraits, including Viktor Tsoi, Pavel Durov, Stanislav Cherchesov, Sergei Bodrov.

Graffiti “Peace Friendship Bubblegum” is located at the address: Nekrasov, 58, a Greek square and the Garden of friendship. You examine them closely will, when the regime of self-isolation in the city will be weakened.