In St. Petersburg showed the anti-fascist cartoons

there are more than 50 sheets, posters, satirical postcards, materials from personal archives of the artists, whose work during the Second world war it was equal to the front-line action.

a Special section of the exhibition is a series of works by Danish artist Herluf Bidstrup. His series of cartoons “Speaker” showing the performance of the possessed Hitler, created in 1936. It is noteworthy that Bidstrup was the first time I had heard the speech of the Nazi Fuhrer on the radio, in person he never seen before, but the look of inhuman madman who wanted to conquer the whole world, given to them with amazing accuracy. Furthermore, it began to portray Hitler many later cartoonists.

Creativity Herluf Bitstop generally well-known in our country: during the war, he drew anti-Nazi cartoons for Newspapers illegal Danish Communists “Lang og folk”. After the war – has become a guest of the USSR and was even awarded the Lenin prize “For strengthening peace among peoples”. In the Museum of political history in St. Petersburg is about 500 works of Herluf Bidstrup, including unique.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG the Salvador Dali Exhibition in Moscow was cancelled because of the coronavirus

In the genre of satirical poster worked Vasily Vlasov. At the exhibition you can see his wonderful graphic work, “a Faithful servant of Hitler,” painted in 1941; many of the motifs from it will then become the topics for the individual posters. The fate of Vasily Vlasov is very interesting: in the most brutal siege time, in December 1941, he got the job polistena to make satirical playing cards for counter-propaganda among the Nazi soldiers. Amazingly, despite all the horrors of the siege (no water, electricity, heating) these cards were made.

the values of Playing cards on airplanes thrown into the rear of the enemy, and our troops, freeing their homeland from invaders, then found them printed in the Nazi bunkers. So, German soldiers play with them!

Antifascist satirical drawings, posters and caricatures 1930-1940 is not only authentic documents of their time, but also real works of art.

Photo: Sergey Trifonov In Voronezh opened the exhibition letters from the front

Propaganda and satirical editions of the artistic Association “Fighting pencil”, which operated in Leningrad even during the blockade, graphic works of Moscow artists, created the “TASS Windows” – Efimov, Kukryniksy, Denis became exhausted by the war of the people a breath of air, a reason to smile, encouraging: we will certainly win.

the Posters were considered and read in shelters, shops and hospitals, sent to the front, passed from hand to hand in the trenches, attached to the sides of the tanks, extended to the ships of the Baltic fleet. A poster artist Vladimir Galba was not in vain ranked as a personal enemy of Hitler. At the exhibition you can see a series of his satirical works “the Chain of the fascist dogs” to illustrate the inhuman morality of the leadership of the Third Reich. It is reproduced in the form of a set of postcards.

a lot of those posters, which represent the real anti – fascist comic book “the Certificate of Soroti”, for example, or “Young Fritz” exploring the socio-psychological roots of the emergence of fascism.