Graffiti with the portrait of Sergei Bodrov in the center of St. Petersburg were attacked by vandals. Unknown poured paint the picture, reports TASS.

Artists who created this portrait while to recreate it are not ready. As explained graffit Artem Bourges, now the authors of the picture busy with other projects. But then, when there is free time, they are going to bring graffiti to the right.

Portrait of Sergei Bodrov in the transformer box near the Alexander Nevsky Lavra is one of the main informal sights of St. Petersburg. Thousands of tourists and fans of the films “Brother” and “Brother-2” specially drove to this part of the city to make selfi on the background of graffiti or just to see him.

#myhoodisgood Sergei Bodrov (27.12.1971 – 20.09.2002) … Then the sky so (C)

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it is Worth noting that of Bourges and his colleagues have done a series of portraits of famous personalities in transformer vaults. These portraits evoke a complex reaction in the city. Many creative artists like faceless transformer box forces the artists become sites for tourist attractions.

But on the other hand, in St. Petersburg is quite stringent legislation regarding the placement of such objects. All the drawings in substations drawn without the consent of the pre-project and, in principle, they can be shaded by forces of management companies. Some works of Bourges was painted over. But to remove a portrait Bodrov no one dared. He was dealt in 2014 last fall the artists redrew it, made it more detailed. And if the original image Bodrov was shown with his famous quote: “In what force, brother?”. Now the actor is looking at the sky.