In the State memorial Museum of defense and blockade of Leningrad was opened the exhibition of graphics of Solomon Yudovina. This artist survived the siege of Leningrad and with remarkable expressiveness conveyed in their works the spirit of those terrible days.

As the press service of the State Museum of defense and blockade of Leningrad, the exhibition is open in distance learning format. See all 34 prints, and a poster for a posthumous exhibition of the artist and invitation card, on the Museum’s website and social networks.

in addition, the Museum staff has prepared a documentary film about the life and work of the artist, it is also available for viewing online.

Solomon Yudovin was born in 1892 in the Lepelsky district of the Vitebsk province. He received his education in St. Petersburg at the Drawing school Society for the encouragement of artists and private studios Bernstein and Dobuzhinsky. In the 1920-ies he worked as scientific Secretary and custodian in the Museum of the Jewish historical-ethnographic society.

Yudovin survived the “death” time in besieged Leningrad, and in the summer of 1942 was able to be evacuated to the Yaroslavl region. After liberation, he returned to Leningrad and created the engraving, where he depicted a city under siege. This album, released in 1947, became one of the symbols of the blockade.