In St. Petersburg in March will be held the 4th festival

At last year’s festival gathered almost two thousand re-enactors from different countries of the world, the current may be even more ambitious.

Traditionally on “Recon” to see the jousting, the work of medieval craftsmen – blacksmiths, woodcarvers, Kozhevnikov is to participate in master classes.

“RECON 2020” dedicated to domestic XVIII century to the time of Peter I, and it will be possible to buy many interesting, though not entirely applicable to today’s life skills.

In a Historic Park will tell you about poisons and outfits Imperial Russia

On today’s “Recon” everyone will have to wait for the camp of the life guards regiment, plus they will be able to meet with the soldiers of the Swedish king Charles XII. The art of war was quite sophisticated, and visitors will be able to get lessons in handling the long lance and the skills of a musket – and this is not easy, and requires accurate eye and composure.

“the RECON” will be presented and other times, will pass traditional competition.

the championship will take Place North-West in Sport sword and the championship of Russia on historical fencing using soft sports equipment.

there Will be a series of tournaments on historical medieval battle in the categories “5 vs 5” and “12 to 12”.

the tournament takes place in sports knife fighting, ancient duels, tournaments of the early middle Ages, jousting in plate armor according to the regulations of the XV and the XIII centuries.