Today, 26 July, at 22.30 in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt artillery crews of the Western military district (ZVO) will give a festive salute in honor of the Day of the Navy of the Russian Federation.

division Salute the Mikhailovsky military artillery Academy, located in the Peter and Paul fortress will give a thirty salvoes of twelve 85 mm guns D-44, and the fireworks go off, according to ZVO.

In Kronstadt salute will give the guards separate division salute the ZVO named after Marshal of artillery Vladimir mikhalkina. He will use a combined self-propelled launchers of calibre from 105 to 310 mm on the basis of cars KAMAZ.

In total it is planned to bring into action three thousand fifty kinds of fireworks. They will decorate the sky over St. Petersburg for ten minutes. Dome of colored lights will exceed the diameter of 300 meters.