More than two thousand people in fancy dress took part in the festival “Fontanka-SUP”, which was held today in the center of St. Petersburg.

Incredibly spectacular festival takes place for the fifth time, and every year it gathers more and more participants. This year – twice more than in the past. Along the rivers and canals of the Northern capital sailed SAP-surfers of the 96 cities of 10 countries (excluding neighboring countries, it is Mexico, Finland, USA, Germany).

Water is a route of nearly nine kilometers ran from the Champ de Mars for the past Fontanka to the Mikhailovsky castle, Anichkov bridge, the theatre, across the Kryukov canal and upstream of the Griboyedov canal, passing St. Nicholas Cathedral, Lion and Bank bridges, back to the start. Near Italian bridge held a flashmob dancing to the hit Sabah Skibidi of the St. Petersburg group Little Big.

he Headed SAP-festival small boat “Sablino”, which itself was constructed by craftsmen from the village of Ulyanovka Leningrad region.

Traditionally, after the festival, prizes are awarded to the most creative participants. So, this year the award for the best costume was “Man-sun”. There is a special nomination for those who take a SAP-Board pet “Valuable passenger”. Usually it is dogs. But this year the prize went to a girl with an unusual pet – a festival she went the distance with live fowl.

Petersburg was also a capital of SAP-surfing. And perhaps we set a world record for the number of participants, – said the organizer of the festival “Fontanka-SUP” Alexander Gorshkov. – Gorgeous weather, wonderful costumes, and the scenery is better than our town, is it?

the Team of “the Russian newspaper” also took part in the SAP-fest.