Among the cities of Russia Saint Petersburg is the second relative mortality among patients with coronavirus.

But if the first and third place in terms of lethality footprint of Dagestan and Ingushetia (4.88% and 2,35%, according to 18.06) can be justified by the specificity of regions, it sad “Vice-champion” of Saint Petersburg (3,52%) just cannot be explained.

“MK” tried to figure out why, with such mortality, however, confirmed by the official laboratory of the CPS cases, the carriers of the virus in St. Petersburg, ten times less than in Moscow? 22195 on June 21.

Although the population of St. Petersburg lags behind Moscow a little more than twice, and restrictions in comparison with the capital and was generally “light”.

the Authorities explain this is just the test results there is no local laboratory, one of the CPS is mandated to work with hospitals, she does not have time to do research, unable to cope. Results have patients recovering from hospital, those who need to close the sick leave and return to work, healthy people for references to the employer and trips, children camps and so forth..

“Turn there, for us it is a problem….people are waiting for 7-8 days of test results, and that the cost of beds,” in the end of last week at a meeting of the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, told the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

And, as we found out, the hospital no longer hope to obtain results in a violation of the “Order of discharge of patients from the medical organization”, the patient often goes home with the phrase in the case history: “the result of the smear on COVID-19 – in the work.”

“on June 2 after enormous effort I, Nakhon TS, got their three tests – says another resident of St. Petersburg. The first was taken at home 9.05, entered the laboratory 10.05, 15.05 investigated. The other two respectively 12.05 – 13.05 – 19.05. The rest of the time I was waiting for an answer… all 14 tests taken in our family was accepted and registered in the Federal service the next day after the capture material.”

Why are residents of the cultural capital put in an impossible position? Why are the results of free testing for the RNA of SARS-CoV-2 they are like manna from heaven, forced to wait for weeks or even months? The sad record of such expectations, according to local media, was 54 days!

And it concerns the free tests. Vital included in the program of obligatory medical insurance. That in Moscow now do the time.

let’s Start with the fact that until recently, the deadline for receiving time data of PCR testing COVID-19 in St. Petersburg was not registered. Online newspaper “Fontanka” told readers that because of the blatant delay of results for coronavirus novoruedennyh boys-twins parents could not pick up from the hospital. Another patient with all the signs of an infection suffered in anticipation of the confirmation of the diagnosis 33 days. It is clear that during this time, the man almost had time to recover.

on average, judging by the responses of consumers, sitting at home sick for healthy people due to the lack of test results for coronavirus delayed by about a month – the state at the same time, paying the hospital, suffering huge losses.

“I would say that there was a wild situation. Despite the order of the Ministry of health and the chief sanitary doctor, nothing changes, agreed to anonymously comment on the situation, one of the St. Petersburg physicians. – It is at least clear that biomaterials are heading to Novosibirsk in the laboratory “Vector”, so the responses go there for so long, but now have no such problem – and the waiting time is somehow not diminished”.

recently announced that the delay in issuing test results for coronavirus, is caused by the fact that in the laboratories of the city ended the reagents required to perform analysis. According to official data, the Rospotrebnadzor in St. Petersburg have stopped issuing medical institutions test system for tests in mid-may. And now an urgent need to allocate funds from the reserve Fund for their purchase, and that, you know, it’s not fast.

We reviewed the procurement website hoping to find what number of test systems and reagents purchased laboratory Ropotrebnadzor to provide big city timely testing, and…. no information about the procurement of test systems “Vector” and “Vector-best”, which runs a laboratory of the Federal service on Defense the street is not found.

Instead, on my Desk was a standard sample – donation agreement of about a hundred thousand of reagents “Realbest RNA SARS-CoV-2” and “Realbest MDS” for the diagnosis of novel coronavirus infection COVID-19 (hereinafter – the property) for a total of 15 300 403 (Fifteen million four hundred three thousand three hundred) rubles 00 kopecks.

a Mysterious Jertvovat, (if desired, it can be established by the Prosecutor’s office) gives these extremely demanded in a dangerous outbreak kits “Donee” in the face of Federal budgetary institution of health “Center of hygiene and epidemiology in Saint-Petersburg”.

“Donee” uses donated kits intended – to diagnose COVID-19 and “shall be obliged to keep separate accounting of all operations for the use of donated property”.

That is, it turns out that a certain private firm pulls very scarce reagents and completely gratuitously, demanding nothing in return, sends them to the establishment of the RPN. And they in turn do on their tests. But who?

According Rospo��of rybnadzora in St. Petersburg on 16 may, the laboratory has made 17 130 tests ( 1 of 222 per day), that is, one hundred thousand of reagents “of the Donor” when a load will last for almost three months of work.

of Course, there are philanthropists and socially responsible companies willing to give their blood, if only the plague had been defeated as soon as possible, but we still decided to check how, how much and with what result can I take the test for the coronavirus from a private person and get a response on the official letterhead of the CPS.

Yes, the sentences enough, prices vary from two to four thousand rubles, you can take directly to the lab or you will come to the house, where it is possible, even without leaving the car, the result is up to 48 hours.

2500 rubles worth sampling analysis. Along with a pay-out ambulance on a house in the city limits is published approximately three times more expensive.

If the results are not coming for two days – vowing to return the money, but only for the procedure itself, not the road work.

the 36-year-old resident of St. Petersburg Ekaterina is one of those who have purchased this medolago. His conversation with the medical firm, the woman recorded on the phone (audio edition available).

Good day, please tell me, I have you in my Instagram have seen that it is possible to test for kovid.

– Yes, you can. In the course of the day.

– How much will it cost?

– 8900 with out sampling. Either cash or online transfer. You a patient?

– Yes, for one.

– what time should I come and see you?

– Let’s hours to eight, to be exact.

As Catherine says, the commercial crew arrived on time, did everything at the highest level, but his results in the next 48 hours the girl, alas, never came. Promised for the delay the funds were not returned. But it’s all the little things in life.

Because in the end, the results came in… the official letterhead of the CPS and print them. The traders appear on the certificate only as the “institution that sent the material.” That is, intermediary.

the very same diagnosis was indeed carried out by the Laboratory of especially dangerous and virological studies of the Federal budgetary health care institution center of hygiene and epidemiology in St.-Petersburg the Federal service. Who… do not have enough opportunities to carry out free testing.

as far As the authority in the city where the state laboratory does not have time to handle requests for public hospitals, carried out in the state laboratory for public equipment private investigation?

Where to go those presented to the “Donor” reagents, if the queue for testing for RPN does not become smaller, which are the main customers of the laboratory in Defense UliTSE? Perhaps this scheme will be interested in law enforcement?

of Course in St. Petersburg opened including commercial laboratories, some of them the CPS even provided the right to provide verified responses, without forgetting, but with an enviable regularity there to arrange the test but they carry out diagnosis on their technique and their test systems from “A” to “z”.

recently the health Committee has published amendments to the order “About approval of the procedure for laboratory diagnosis of novel coronavirus infection COVID-2019 in Saint-Petersburg”, which entered into force on 15 June. The purpose of the changes is to speed up the survey population. Let’s hope that in the near future the situation will change. Petersburg and, finally, will no longer be at the peak of disease. Well, or will respond, the Prosecutor’s office.