In St. Petersburg bride and groom are given a certificate of newlyweds

As the correspondent “RG” the chief doctor GBUZ “Center for family planning and reproduction” Alexander Baldin, since the issuance of “certificates newlyweds” service was used by more than 500 pairs. Due to the budget of St. Petersburg, that is free for applicants, it is possible to receive consultation of the obstetrician-gynecologist and women’s urologist-andrologist for men, the overall clinical analysis of blood and analysis of sexually transmitted disease, and a number of specialized research and genetics counseling.

to come to the doctor together does not necessarily. To enroll a husband and wife may separately, at a convenient time for them

– Approximately 20 percent of the population have problems with reproductive health, this statistic, says Baldin. – We are approached about 100 pairs per month, but this is not enough. Despite the fact that in St. Petersburg annually is about 50 thousand marriages, I wish we end up with 4-5 thousand candles.

Photo: iStock Russian men called perfect age for marriage

potential participants Themselves say that Smolny has launched a very important initiative. A resident of St. Petersburg Alexander Andreev, for example, officially got married on Valentine’s Day, but before that he lived with his lover for almost seven years without marriage.

– We didn’t plan to have children in a civil marriage, but now I want to get a certificate the newlyweds just to be more relaxed about your health, – he told to the correspondent “RG”.

According to Alexander Baldin, to increase the flow of the newlyweds could be more targeted advertising (a form of online advertising, using the methods and search preferences of the target audience in accordance with the parameters and characteristics that are relevant to the advertised goods or services. – Ed.). Ideally, to post information about certificates would cost directly in the registry office and the Palace of marriage. Yet the doctors refused on the grounds that it will be advertising the services of the center. However, if someone, who applied the problems will be revealed – and not only with reproductive and General health, the patient receives recommendations and direction for further treatment. This is very important!

Come on reception to the doctor together does not necessarily. To enroll a husband and wife may separately, at a convenient time for them – you only need to have a copy of the marriage certificate, and also a mark about citizenship of the Russian Federation with permanent or temporary registration in St. Petersburg for both spouses, because the program is being funded through the city budget.

Certificate already used by more than 500 couples. Photo:

– it is Impossible to specify what amount was allocated to certificates of the newlyweds, will dismiss the chief ZPSR, as a separate line funding certificate is not provided. However, I can say that a full inspection for a couple in a commercial clinic would have resulted in quite a substantial amount.

For comparison: in the network, one operating in St. Petersburg laboratories, only a comprehensive analysis of evaluation of microflora of the urogenital tract and identify common infections for women is 4310 roubles, for men – 2800, even 4020 – clinical and biochemical analysis of blood.


to See a list of studies and to make an appointment on the official website of the Center for family planning and reproduction – or by phone 670-76-76.


Anastasia Akulova, head of the trade network, Omsk:

– Perhaps this project will make the newlyweds to think about procreation, not shelving them. Now, no one in a hurry. Young careerists eager to ensure their own well-being. And girls there: first, to live for yourself. But “later” is too late. Now I have everything – “chair”, and a good income and an apartment and a cottage. But no kids and, it seems, will be gone. Now the kid I’d give anything but money, alas, is powerless. Perhaps if ten years ago, my husband gave the “certificate of married” life could have turned out quite differently.

Pauline and Daniel Dontsovy, newlyweds, Rostov-na-Donu:

– the Idea is wonderful! We’re on our honeymoon, and the wedding was the most happy event. If we were given and the certificate of health survey, it would be nice and very useful bonus. We want at least three children and their birth will be treated seriously. But a medical examination is not free. Sure, such an initiative would be universally welcomed in our region. Lucky Petrograd!

has Prepared Svetlana Sibina and Elena Melikhova, Omsk, Rostov-on-don