In St. Petersburg has earned the service on-line auto trade. The principle of operation is the same as in any online store, the customer chooses a car, pays for the purchase, and the car he delivered to the house.

As reported in a press-service, customers are able to book ten cars, but only until the end of the year in a contactless manner, it is planned to sell about 500 cars.

you Can select a new car and the service. Delivery is carried out in St. Petersburg and a ten-kilometer radius to the city limits.

In contrast to the offline segment, where the buyer after the test drive buy a car and cannot without a serious reason to abandon the purchase, when the return of the vehicle can be carried out within seven days.

it is Worth noting that the autofocus is now offering contactless purchase was literally no competition. The fact is that with the introduction in St. Petersburg, restrictions, dealer centers of the city are temporarily closed.