the St. Petersburg Authorities and the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor reached a compromise in the issue of ceremonies of farewell. It had previously been cancelled in connection with the serious epidemic situation.

according to the authorities, now the ceremony of farewell perhaps, but only in cases when it is known that the deceased was not COVID-19.

In particular, it will be impossible to say goodbye to loved ones, if he died in the hospital, which was redeveloped for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection. In the city administration stressed that the parting would be impossible, even if in this institution the person died from any other diseases not related to COVID-19.

At the same time, if the person died in hospital, which is not redeveloped for patients with coronavirus, holding the parting in the centre and the crematorium. But the ceremony time should not take more than ten minutes.

the participants of the funeral ceremony should be wearing masks and gloves. Also they need to comply with social distance. Direct contact with the body of the deceased should also be excluded.