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Abitur examinations will be held as planned

The exam will, regardless of the Corona-crisis, as planned. At the present time, a cancellation of exams is not necessary, said the conference of education Ministers (KMK) of the Länder on Wednesday after a conference call , the Minister. The students could acquire in this academic year their financial statements.

Earlier it was already leaked that Schleswig-Holstein does not want to cancel his final exams at the schools because of the Corona-crisis now. The German press Agency learned on Wednesday from groups of Participants of a switching conference, the conference of education Ministers of the Länder (KMK). It is very significant words “in the direction of Schleswig-Holstein were at the meeting” like that. dpa/Felix Kästle/dpabild The Hessen Abitur examinations have been continued on Wednesday as planned, with the subject of mathematics.

Kiel’s Minister of education, Karin Prien (CDU) had announced on Tuesday to want to because of the Corona, with the crisis in all the school final exams fail can. Almost all countries have criticized the in the conversation. There is a tendency that the countries wanted to keep their exams.

The Chairman of the conference of Ministers of education, the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of education, Stefanie Hubig (SPD) wanted to speak in the afternoon (15.30 PM) in Mainz the results of the conversation.

In Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Abitur examinations are currently held under strict rules of hygiene still. Other countries have moved to the Abi and other school leaving examinations. Teacher associations and the Federal parents ‘ Council criticize the different approaches of the countries. The Chairman of the Federal elternrats, Stephan Wassmuth said, instead of – as promised – a collaborative approach to strive for, to cook for each province its own thing. The kidding students, parents, teachers, and all in addition, in the education system make people.

Earlier, the President of the German teachers ‘ Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger had rebuked with sharp words the plans of Schleswig-Holstein. The news magazine “FOCUS” Meidinger said: “It is inconceivable that such things as the graduation, where every alone of a country has a direct impact on others, so was Chaos. It can only give a touch for the perception of the common responsibility for the high-school graduates and graduating students: grade 6!“

Meidinger criticised the fact that the CDU-ruled Schleswig-Holstein “is the starting shot for the generous distribution of baccalaureate certificates beyond all standards of quality and without testing, speaks for itself. In fact, the race between the countries is now opened in the country in which it comes with as generous provisions as possible good cuts without any proven benefits.“ Meidinger warned, it will occur a Situation in which any comparability of high school grades will be missing: “I’m pissed off.”

The Association’s President stressed in the FOCUS of Hesse as a good example to final exams. “What Hesse is doing now, would be in every state possible. Implementation of Abiprüfungen in compliance with the highest infection protection even if the schools are still closed. Minimum distance of two meters, disinfection dispenser, single Entering and Leaving the examination room.“

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