Ibiza, Miami, Dubai and Around the globe are in demand DJs. The Eastern Swiss DJane Tanja La Croix (37) jetted recently to the 38. Time to Mykonos (VIEW reported). “Today, I’m flying but only a fraction of the past,” she explains. First, it was the consequences for the climate conscious, secondly, you’ve discovered your love for trains. “There are such beautiful lines.” Also, you can work on the train and your Podcasts or Sets create. This is neither in the plane nor in the car. “Everything up to about 600 km I put them back without the plane. Also, I know my personal CO2-footprint and compensating him together with my sustainability partner.”

DJ EDX is one of the best customers of the Swiss

The Zurich-based DJ EDX (42) from the belongs to according to its own information, to the best customers of the Swiss, winding in the last ten years, 6996 hours of flight time and was about 291 days in the air. If it is not allowed to flight plan is different, uses Maurizio Colella, like EDX, citizens, means, and also on the private jet. This is however not the Norm. “But without a plane, I could perceive all my appointments,” he says. “I make sure to bundle appointments in one place, so I don’t need to fly several times a month to Miami. And my CO2 emissions I compensate regularly the same when you Book the flights.”

DJ Tiësto holds the world record

Also, the French Star DJ David Guetta (51) has drawn the consequences: He only flies a few times over the Atlantic ocean, remains for a longer period of time on the continent. “The travel and the time differences make me ready. The jet lag is the Only thing I don’t like about my job.” The record Industry DJ Tiësto (50) holds, by the way. The Dutchman, according to the travel Agency Travelbird to 2017, 2.5 million kilometres, i.e. 62,5 Times around the world flew. None was more.