On Tuesday has rejected the Parliament is the EU exit of the Treaty, the Prime Minister, Theresa May (62) with Brussels. Therefore, a Brexit moves without transition scheme is getting closer, which would have, among other things, that would be A – as well as the time of departure, limited of the United Kingdom dramatically. The mood on the island is subdued, Europe, wrinkling his nose.

In terms of fashion remains the UK, however, the front-runner. On London’s streets in unique cuts and combinations present themselves. English colors and patterns are all the rage. With these 5 tips is in Trend now.

1. Check pattern

The pattern, we know especially from the gray-and-white checkered skirts, the typical English school uniform. To Fashionistas to choose small, colorful Details in Red, Blue, or brown. Also in the shirt or Blazer-output of diamonds is in great demand currently.

2. The cross-section-Rock

A small, sweet Rock never hurts. Especially not when he stands out with special cuts and buttons. The lower part with a sloping front closure draws a lot of attention and is a favorite for years, part of the fashion industry.

3. Cardigan over the blouse to put

no Matter whether in the office queue, Hipster or Fashionista, a chic blouse with a fluffy Sweater over it love. The Look suits every occasion and can kind of to the carrier with different fabrics for a unique Outfit.

4. Simple patent shoes

patent leather shoes with little refinements on the edges are an absolute classic. You are not in high quality only rain, but also fit to any Outfit.

5. Coats, as far as the eye can see

Because of the frequent rain of the English wear mostly long and fancy coats. It was a mini skirt, Jeans or a summer dress: A coat is always. This has several advantages, because the Topcoat is not only warm, but also help create the perfect Lady Look. (zhl)

The best advertising for the UK, the fairy tale wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, there are countless reasons to love the crazy island. Travel journalist Christian Bauer reveals his Top 7.