“It’s a state of emergency: The shelter is closed to visitors, and due to the risk of infection, we can receive no one willing. The pet is exposed to. At the same time, costs are rising, because we get more Pets whose owners must to the hospital. In addition, volunteers will fall away,” says Kristina Berchtold, spokesperson for the animal protection society of Munich, in an interview with FOCUS Online.

she speaks many animal shelters operators in Germany from the soul, which must struggle in the current Corona-able more than ever to Survive. Because of the Coronavirus, and the prevention measures will not only affect the humans but also the animals, especially those that are still waiting for a home.

Major Problem: animal mediation is discontinued or harder

represents the organisational structure of the Coronavirus-crisis shelters in front of great challenges: “The supply of the 1300 animals is the most important thing. We must all change and the digital to create and edit.”, Annette rust, communications Director of the shelter, Berlin says. In the meantime, the animal shelter in Berlin would be administered from the Home Office with specially purchased used Laptops.

Also the animal placement, which runs in the Berlin animal shelter even further, had to be adapted to the prevailing circumstances. While before the virus outbreak, the interested parties were able to come over in the shelter, you would have to make now an appointment by phone with the nurses of the animal. “The Meeting will be held under the applicable hygiene regulations and the minimum instead of stand,” explained the communications Manager.

“The donations to ensure our Survival”

The organization is not, however, despite all the odds, the biggest Problem: “A major challenge now is to stay visible,” says rust. Because the only way people can be on the Situation of animal shelters to the attention of and donations to, and support the animal shelters are more dependent than ever. “The donations are very important. Our sponsors and members are like the Rock in the Surf, because they provide the necessary support and funding,” explained Berchtold from the animal protection society in Munich. Also, your colleague from Berlin, emphasized: “The donations to ensure our Survival. Without donations, there is no animal home in Berlin.”

But the donations are in the current tense economic Situation, many people in financial distress, not a matter of course. The Berliner understands rust: “But we are happy about every Euro, the people will let us come.”

a Lot of people to help – in spite of a lack of funds due to Corona

And despite all the existing or potential Geldnöte many people leave the shelters in the lurch. “We have long-term donors, which may be more,” says Berchtold, Munich. Similarly, Stefan Bargmann, the head of the Bay of Mecklenburg animal shelter reported on Twitter by the active support of the people: “We get donations at the Moment, good Food, and even for the employees of the shelter is taken care of. It provides us with fresh bread and we will eat.”

gut Aiderbichl, the animal-Gnadenhöfe operates, is also overwhelmed by the help of the people. Although some vendors have doubled the prices already and the Not yet of the deals were, would have received the first deliveries of aid, the donor already: “We immediately be able to increase and hay, cat and dog food ordered,” says Dieter Ehrengruber, managing Director of the estate, on the YouTube channel of gut Aiderbichl.

the animal shelter in Berlin want to help people: “a Lot of people want to buy right now is a pet. In addition, we note that less animals are delivered. People value animals appreciate in such a Situation, again more – this is the positive message of the week,” says rust. Temporary care for the animals in need of homes, because too many changes can cause trauma in a dog, cat or rabbit. Also of in-kind donations to the local animal shelter discourages also, as the could infect the perpetrator at the time of delivery of the donation with Corona.

Instead, it should rather be money online donated. As a result, the donor would not only protect the own health, but also the package offered, which have been ordered online, in-kind donations must deliver them to the shelter. In addition to pure monetary donations, sponsorships for a single animal or animal group are possible, however, explains press officer Berchtold.

But whether it is monetary donation, sponsorship or Adoption: The shelter offers enormous about every Form of support. Every little donation can make a big difference. Because especially in times of Coronavirus and the future of the shelters are dependent on generous donors. Rost’s appeal: “stay home and don’t forget the shelter animals.” FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

I need help I want to help

keepers, freight forwarders, panel operator: Germany’s heroes in times of crisis PCP keepers, freight forwarders, panel operator: Germany’s heroes in times of crisis