Victims of coronavirus COVID-19 in Spain for the last seven days were 39 people, the total number of victims is 27 121 people, according to the Ministry of health of Spain.

In recent days using PCR tests were identified 187 cases of infection, since the beginning of the epidemic – 238 564. A day earlier it was reported 182 cases of infection in 24 hours. Seven days of 286 patients were taken to hospitals (total since the beginning of the epidemic 123 891), 12 in the ICU (from the beginning of the epidemic – 11 397). Data on fatalities during the day, the Ministry of health no longer publishes, as well as data recovered.

The Ministry in the last days trying to clarify statistics for the whole period from the beginning of the epidemic, which occur discrepancies in the data compared to the previous reports.

The Spanish government at the end of April has developed a plan for gradual exit from quarantine, and in different regions of the mitigation measures occurs at different times, depending on the epidemiological situation and the preparedness of the health services exacerbate the situation. All four phases (from zero to third). Movement between the various provinces of the country.

After the beginning of the lifting of the quarantine and epidemiological situation in the country continues to improve, small foci of diseases were identified in only four regions of Ceuta (border with Morocco), Lleida (Catalonia), Totana (Murcia) and Cuenca (Castile-La Mancha).

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