prepare the security authorities unnecessarily, a “Giant operation”, in order to make these patients and get them back into the hospitals.

in just the past hour there had in Leganes, near Madrid, as well as in the coastal town of Benidorm in the East of Spain, two of such cases are given. González complained, in addition to such patients, there is also “quite a lot of irresponsible” citizens, injured about the lock in front of one and a half weeks imposed output. In just the past 24 hours we have in the framework of the so-called alarm condition 80 “irresponsible and direct interest” of persons arrested.

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Spain asks Nato for help

The nearly 47 million residents of Spain are allowed to since the age of 15. March only in a few exceptional the house of the cases left, about to go shopping. On Wednesday, the Parliament should stage at the request of the left-wing government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, an extension of the alarm condition, the third-highest state of Emergency for a further two weeks, until 11. April vote.

Because of the Corona-crisis Spain, the military has asked, meanwhile, Nato’s help. The Spanish armed forces had requested “international help” to get assistance with medical care, said the military Alliance on Tuesday. Therefore, Madrid bat 500,000 Test Kits, 500 ventilation equipment, as well as 1.5 million surgical masks and 450,000 respiratory protection masks.

514 more Dead

Despite ten days ago, imposed strict curfew in both the number of new Infections than deaths on the rise in Spain. On Tuesday, the country reported cases of a total of almost 2700 of death.

In the past 24 hours 514 more people died of the by the pathogen-induced lung disease Covid-19, announced the Ministry of health in Madrid. The number of documented infections has increased, according to the by almost 20 percent to almost 40,000.

System to the brink of collapse

Spain is, after Italy, the most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic affected country in Europe. The capital Region of Madrid is concerned with 1535 dead and more than 12.350 infection cases most.

The number of cases has brought the medical System to the brink of collapse. Approximately 5400 Employees in the health sector have tested positive for the Virus – about twelve percent of all Infected.

“We are aware of how hard it is to prolong this Situation,”

in view of the dramatic development, the government will lock the country-wide output up to 11. April extend. The head of government Pedro Sánchez wants to submit to the Parliament a request.

“We are aware of how hard it is to prolong this Situation, but it is absolutely essential that we combat the Virus further, in order to win this fight,” said government spokeswoman María Jesús Montero. “These are infinitely difficult days,” she admitted.

since the 14th century. March in Spain far-reaching output restrictions. The 46 million residents are allowed to leave home only to go to work, do their shopping, to get drugs, or the dog run.

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Corona outbreak in the elderly home – Board sounds the Alarm: “Come to our borders” PCP Corona outbreak in the elderly home – Board sounds the Alarm: “Come to our borders”