The South Korean authorities intend to implement a three-tier system of social distancing in the country in connection with the new increase in the number of infections coronavirus infection, said the Agency Renhap with reference to the organization of the Centers for control and disease prevention (KCDC) under the Ministry of health.

On the eve of the country for the day were identified 62 new cases of infection COVID-19. The day before he was confirmed 51 cases of infection.

In connection with the next increase in the daily number of infected South Korean authorities intend to introduce a three-tier system of social distancing, which will include different degrees of restrictions.

So, the first level will act when the number of new infections "feasible" to medical institutions of the city. If the number exceeded 50 for 14 consecutive days, but will be no higher than 100, it will be introduced the second level. The third level will be administered if the daily number of new infections exceeds 100.

Currently in South Korea, including in Seoul, which accounts for a significant portion of new infections, effective the first level of social distancing. There are open beaches and water parks, this week is to start a partial admission of fans on the bleachers of the arenas during sporting events.

If the level will increase to the second, then again will be limited to events: there should be no more than 50 people, and the fresh air – no more than 100. The third level will be limited to any activities involving more than 10 people, and again closed educational institution.

From the beginning of may in South Korea, all new local clusters COVID-19 and growth in the number of imported cases cause periodic surges in the number of daily infected. On 20 June, it reached 67, and 22 June – 17 people. The average daily number of new infected is kept in the corridor of 30-60 people.