In South Korea was infected COVID 19 for the third time

South Korea on the part of the situation with COVID-19 looks like an island of prosperity in a troubled and stormy ocean, where everyone else is trying to contain the spread of coronavirus. However, there is the question that haunts local experts and authorities, forcing them puzzled, scratching their heads.

Although the share recovered rapidly increasing, and the number of the winning virus is far ahead of the number of new patients, but concurrently, is becoming more and more of those who become infected COVID-19 in the second and even the third time. As reported in the Ministry of health of the Republic of Korea, as of yesterday, there were just 250 cases of repeated detection of coronavirus in those who recovered. Only during the day, the number of “vtorichnye” increased from 22 people. Thus, the share of reinfection among recovered is 2.9 percent, or, if to speak very roughly, 30-40 recovered from one infected COVID-19 again.

in addition, there are now those who became infected COVID-19 for the third time. There is three people.

South Korean experts and authorities are now actively working, trying to figure out what is really happening and how dangerous it is. Still dominated by two versions – re-identified or “fragments” already dead virus or virus manages to reactiviate, managing to lay low after the attack of the immune system. Experts had hoped that I had been ill there is immunity that will protect them from COVID-19, but it turns out that it is not so. If this assumption is confirmed, it will be difficult to create a vaccine that protects against COVID-19.

However, Korean experts say that while a lot of obscure and to do any conclusions prematurely. With the same secondary infected, the tests often give conflicting results, identifying the virus, saying that the man recovered. In addition, while not recorded not a single case is that of the “vtorichnye” infect someone else. On the other hand, Korea with her now, a small number of emerging new patients to find out it is not so easy, however, too few statistics. In any case, COVID-19 continues to make new puzzles, forcing the experts to admit that they know about this virus is not all.

the rest of the situation in South Korea continues to improve. For the past day, to midnight on 26 April, the country had only 10 new patients. This is the fourth day in a row the number of new infected does not exceed ten, while recovering about a hundred. At the moment there is only 1769 patients, whereas the total number of infections for all the time 10 728. This means that have recovered more than 81 percent. The number of deaths increases slowly, reaching the figure of 242 people. The mortality rate is 2,26 about��cient, where the main risk groups are people aged 70-79 years with a mortality rate of over ten percent, and especially aged 80 years and older. The latter dies almost one in four who contracted the coronavirus.